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Susan Hartmann

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How do I maintain my hair system?

It depends on how active you are. If you work out and perspire daily, then shampoo daily, but there are many hairstyles with our hair systems that are wash-n-go.

How do you make a customized hair system?

Technically, I don’t actually make them, I design them for each client. I make a template of the designated thinning or problem area. Then I send it along with hair samples to my manufacturer overseas to create your custom hair systems.

What if I need a hair system asap?

This happens a lot! I can measure your problem area and show you about 100 hair swatches. Then I rush order your hair system and can usually have it within 2 days. We call these semi-custom stock systems.

I just moved here, do you service and cut other companies systems?

Of course I can–no problem!

Do you do hair transplants?

No, I only work with non-surgical hair replacements.

How are your hair pieces made?

They are all handmade, each hair is knotted individually. I do not work with any machine made systems. The quality, look and feel of a hand made system are incomparable.

Can I come to you as my regular stylist?

I highly recommend it! Continuing with the stylist who designs your custom system is a natural choice :)