Susan Hartmann

My name is Susan Hartmann and I have been a cosmetologist since 1987. I began as a hair stylist in salons, but after 4 years I realized I wasn’t happy because I didn’t find it fulfilling or challenging enough. I wanted to stay in the hair industry, and in 1991 I discovered hair replacement and had my “ah ha” moment. I was hooked, and the fulfillment of helping people feel good about themselves became my lifelong mission.

To be able to make such a difference in a person’s life is amazing! Even after all these years in the business, it still fills me with joy every time I see that smile spread across my client’s face. And with new technology, the results are better and more realistic than ever. I have been in the hair replacement industry now for almost 30 years and I am never bored – I thrive on helping men, women, and children who suffer with any form of hair loss.

That principle also extends to my personal life, where I am a rotating foster mom for abused dogs. That same passion for improving a life, includes everyone that needs me :). So if you’re looking for a custom fitted hair replacement system (or a pre-loved pup to adopt!) give me a ring and let’s schedule an appointment to make 2020 your best year yet!

Here’s a little local write up too: The Virginia Pilot: Shadowlawn hair replacement specialist loves to see customers’ reactions

Hazel and Brad Foster Dogs